Marble or marble is a beautiful type of rock that is classically used in the construction of kitchen tables (countertop), floor and also as accents in furniture. Marble is a limestone rock that has been deformed and mixed with various natural elements until the result is a relatively soft-lined material with a variety of colors and patterns. Marble tends to be easily stained, scratched, and faded. If you want the material to last a long time then it is very important to know how to care for it. Please keep reading to learn the how to clean marble floors, how to remove stains, and tips floor cleaning companies.

Marble Treatment

  1. Protect the marble from scratches.

Do not install sharp objects directly on the marble surface. If your office floor is made of marble, put a coat on the bottom of the chair or table legs.

  1. Clean marble intensively.

Stains on the marble are very quickly absorbed, especially if the liquid is left for a certain time. Clean orange juice, wine, and coffee stains immediately after the liquid spills on top of the marble.

  1. Clean the marble with a damp / wet cloth.

Use a soft, water-soaked cloth to clean the dust and small spills on the surface and marble floor. Do not rub it, because it is risky to scratch the marble. Wipe a cloth on the marble and wipe with a circular motion on the stain with a little extra pressure.

  1. Clean the dried marble.

Do not allow puddles on the surface or marble floors, as they may leave stains. Use a second soft cloth to dry the surface after cleaning.

  1. Use natural ingredients, such as soap or a special cleanser for marble, for more intensive cleaning.
  • If dust and various dirt have accumulated on the surface or marble floor, clean it with dish soap and a little warm water. Use a soft cloth as a cleaning tool.
  • Never use vinegar on marble. Vinegar is a good natural cleanser for various surfaces, but because it is acidic this material can cause damage to the marble.
    For brightly colored marble, hydrogen peroxide is a great choice of natural cleaning agent.
  1. Glisten marble with chamois.
  • Chamois is made of soft towel that can be used to dry and polish marble surface at the same time. The material is considered the softest to make marble look sparkling.
  • The marble sparkler also reacts well. If you choose to use a commercial marble glaze, make sure the material is actually reserved for marble, not for granite or other rock types. Marble has special properties that can be damaged by certain chemicals.